Friday, March 13, 2015

A Day of Many Wargames

One of us recently moved to a new house. What better way to celebrate than to spend a day there hanging out, talking, drink a few beers and playing some wargames?

We were having a great day of relaxed wargaming and really couldn't be bothered to take notes and  pictures for extensive AARs. We did take some pictures however and also will try to give a short account each game.

As there were four of us and we had more than one gaming board we played several games during the day. Two WW2 games of clashing patrols. For this we tried a modified version of Games Workshop's Necromunda rules that gave quick and fun games. We also played some Song of Drums and Shakos. Last but not least we played a game of Warhammer.

WW2 patrol #1

A clash of a Soviet and a German patrol during the last days of the Reich in 1945. The two patrols advanced with the germans taking up positions in the row of buildings by the road. As the Soviet attacked on a flank a close range fire fight broke loose where the Soviet came out on top, later forcing the Germans to withdraw.

The first table, with the Germans entering from the left and the Soviets from the right.
The Soviet approach the hamlet.
The Germans take up positions by the main building.
The Soviet advance cautiously... the Germans lurks by the road.
"Peek-a-boo." This will be messy.
"Urrah!" The Soviets launch their attack.

WW2 patrol #2

A Soviet patrol run into some German fallshirmsj├Ąger in the fall of 1944. The soviet rushed forward to take up position in the main building. It turned into a death trap however as the Germans poured submachingun fire through the windows. The Soviet never really recovered from that blow and eventually had to withdraw.

The 4x4' table for the second WW2 game.

The Soviet rifle patrol.
The Fallshirmsj├Ąger patrol.
The Russians advance.
The Russians rush forward to take up position in the main building...
...but it turns into a death trap as the Germans fire through the windows.
Face off.
End game approaches.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

A ghostly undead army took on a witch elf host. Despite being the larger force the flurry of attacks from the witch elves made short work of the undead. It might have contributed that the dark elf general is reigning champion, world champion really, having won the European Team Championship some six moths ago as mentioned HERE. :-)

The battlelines ready on a 6x4' table.
The vampire lord leading his ghastly host.
The undead were sent back to their graves by the frenzied witch elves.

Songs of Drums and Shakos

A group of French grenadiers and hussars face off against Russian jaegers and cossacks. The French moved into the yard as the cossacks advanced on both flanks. The jaegers shot two hussars from their saddles early on which made the French more a bit more cautious. The cossacks, however, failed to break the French defencive position behind the fence. With both sides having lost their cavalry the infantry exchanged volleys with no side gaining a clear advantage. The game ended in a draw as both sides withdrew.

The 4x4' table for the napoleonic skirmish with the French
on the left and the Russians on the right.
French grenadiers and hussars.
Russian cossacks and jaegers.
The French hussars challenge the distant cossacks down the road.
The two groups advance on the hamlet.
The Russian jaegers get ready as the French hussars can be heard in the distance.
The grenadiers and jaegers exchange fire.
The grenadiers leave their drummer boy
to hold their flank with a somewhat expected result...
Casualties mount for the two patrols, eventually making
both sides withdraw from the field of battle.


  1. Great tables! Sounds like a perfect day!

  2. Beautifully painted terrain, the perfect basis for a good game!

  3. Exellent blog post !

    Really love your terrain, lookg greate !!!

  4. Wow, terrains are awesome, realisitc and beautiful...gorgeous!

  5. Superb looking tables and troops. Sounds like you had a great day!

  6. Thanks alot guys, much appreciated. And yes, it was a great day indeed. I only wish we had time to have such days more often.

  7. Terrain and figures look absolutely superb.

  8. Really nice scenery.I think the building look spot on and could be anywhere in eastern Germany during the war.The paintjob on both the figures and the scenery are also outstanding.Bra jobbat!!!

  9. Just been back for another visit. Something that you don't see very often and that really catches your eye, is the excellent autumn look that you have done with your terrain. Something I will be trying to copy in the near future.

  10. Thank you. And thanks Pat. Yes an autumn theme is rather rare but gives great atmosphere! A dark and moody board has is drawbacks though as I find it hard to photograph as it tend to "devour" all light. A lighter board like a dessert or fresh green board help the miniatures "pop" and become more visual. But we do like our autumn board - eventhough we have some work to do on it still.

  11. Yes, beautiful terrain and troops. Can you do a series on how you create your terrain boards and buildings, and other terrain pieces please.