Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Gaming Board Revisited

A lone rifleman inspecting the new Realm of Battle.

A long time since the last post on this blog. This spring has been very hectic with very little time for fun and games. We have not been all idle though and will have stuff to post in due time.

One of our gaming boards, a hard plastic Games Workshop Realm of Battle Board, has served us well through the years. It is made out of eight 2x2' sections making a 8x4' table if needed. It is sturdy and its modelled slopes gives options for some varied set ups.

The original board in a 6x4' set up. Notice the pits of skulls...
When first bought we modified it somewhat, removing skulls and adding flock to get rid of that Fantasy Battle feel. We kept the colours a bit dull and also added some water effects for a rather "wet" and gloomy board.

Pretty much ever since it was finished two things has bothered us a bit. The rock was left too bare, leaving too much stone exposed. In a real forest rock and stones tend to be covered in moss or similar. Also, the boards dull colours made the board a bit to dull(!) and limited its uses somewhat.

Just recently we had the opportunity to revisit the board. The primary objective was to cover more of the grey rock in flock for a more natural look, but also to add a touch of more colour and variation to the board itself. The challenge was to add more colour but yet maintain the "wet" and "autumny" (is that even a word?) feel that set this board apart from some of the other boards out there. By adding a bit more green to the mix it can now (with the right accessories and add ons) pass as wet summer but with the use of autumn trees etc we feel that it still works well for autumn.

All in all we are happy with the make over and hope you agree.

The full revisited board. A touch of more green.

A closer look. No more of that bare rock.
The remade separate hill.

And as a comparison; what the old board used to look like.


  1. Certainly a step up - the new version looks almost "model-railroad" quality to me! And I agree that your chosen colors scheme can multitask through most seasons of the year. How did you create texture on the basic layer, did you glue sand on, or?

  2. Splendid, amazing elevations...

  3. Great work! I'm inspired to tart mine up a bit as well- add it to the eternal 'to-do' list...

  4. Wow! what a difference it has made toning the grey rock down and the choice of flock colours look very natural and versatile for whatever season. Look forward to seeing another Autumn layout with the revamped base boards.

  5. That's a very nice facelift! The mix of ground cover/types of flock works really well.

  6. Thanks guys! Glad you liked it. /Mattias