Thursday, September 17, 2015

Napoleonic French 2nd Dragoons in 28mm

Lining up for battle

Its been a while since our last post but we haven't been idle. Especially one of us, Andreas, has been busy painting French for his Waterloo Campaign project. As shown samples of earlier some infantry is done (the battalion in these photos have have now been given 1815 pattern colours for the 100 Days campaign).

Time for some cavalry then. Andreas' main focus is the fighting in the area of Hougoumont (and some of the same regiments present at Quatre Bras). These are the 2nd Dragoons, in the 1st brigade, 11th cavalry division, 3rd cavalry corps. With them is General de Brigade Cyrille Simon Picquet, commander of the 1st brigade. 

The other regiment of the 1st brigade, the 7th dragoons, is still to come but work is already under way.


GdB Cyrille Simon Picquet

Aide de Camp

The next cavalry regiment coming up - the 7th Dragoons.