Sunday, February 5, 2012

The beginning of our SAGA (a Warband WIP)

Working on many projects at once at the moment. Never a very efficient tactic but loads of fun!

The setting for our SAGA will be power struggles and raids in the (very) early 1100s. All set in what is now Sweden and maybe with some expeditions over the Baltic Sea. Miniatures and bits will come from varied sources but the Perry Crusader range, being a favourite, will be used heavily. Chances are that all warbands will have a similiar look to them. That's fine though as they will be varied when it comes to composition and unit selection due to the use of rules for different warbands (reflecting their lords wealth, prefered fighting style and so on).

This is a very basic WIP line up of the first four points for a local lord (using the rules for an Anglo-Dane warband). Some repositioning, some headswops and some new weapons etc.

2 x 4 Hearthguard with axes

12 Levy with bow

8 Warriors (and one extra who sneaked into the shot!)