Sunday, February 4, 2018

Swedish Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars (Part IV) - Modelling a Greatcoat for 28mm

Happy days ahead as Perry Miniatures are about to release Swedish miniatures for the Napoleonic era. They will do an excellent job of them I'm sure. So less need to convert your own Swedish miniatures, thankfully.

For an overview of the Swedish uniform of the Napoleonic era please have a look HERE.

I don't know if the Perry's Swedish range will cover soldiers in greatcoats though. Ever since before the days of Charles XII and the Carolean soldiers the Swedes used a simple cape in bad weather. It was not before 1806 a greatcoat called kapott was introduced. It had not only sleeves but also a falling collar that reached the elbows. It was in use for the rest of the Napoleonic War.

A m/1806 kapott from the Army Museum's collections.
This particular example is not full size and is
intended as a "blueprint" sent to the regiments.
A Knötel drawing illustrating the Swedish greatcoat or kapott.
Also note the "Mid War" uniforms.

As the Siege of Stralsund 1807 aswell as the war in Finland 1808-1809 both includes fighting in bad weather conditions, including snow in winter, one might want to include some soldiers wearing their greatcoat. Fortunately Perry Miniatures can help us yet again. For Swedish napoleonic infantry in greatcoats we have used ACW49 Early Federal Militia in shakos, overcoats and full kit, from the Perry American Civil War range.

We have used British Marine Heads from Brigade Games. These should recieve a special mention as they were great to use for converting Swedish line infantry for most of the war. You can for instance combine them with Perry Miniatures dismounted dragoon bodies to create the Early War (m/1802) uniform as Mikael at the Dalauppror did as seen HERE. But with Perry Miniatures soon releasing Swedish napoleonics the need for coverting your own miniatures will hopefully disapear all together eventually.

Below are some pictures that hopefully show the process of making a Swedish greatcoat using the miniatures above. I added a collar of greenstuff, together with the bag and the cupper bowl. Please note that for my example I cut and filed the lower legs on the ACW miniature to give the impression of gaiters.