Wednesday, December 10, 2014

English Archers 1475. Lots of them!

What once was a late Hundred Years' War project has now developed into something set a few decades later.

In 1475 Edward IV of England invaded France. In reality the invasion never led to any major hostilities but instead resulted in the Treaty of Picquigny between Edward IV's England and Louise XI's France where France basically bought themselves peace with England.

As there is little room for peace in wargaming we will instead run a "what if" project. Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), and others though such a treaty to be dishonourable. So in our setting the invasion will lead to all out war.

After a hiatus, painting has now begun in earnest. First off on the blog are English archers. Lots of them. More than a hundred to be precise. Basing etc is still to be done of course. The figures are from the excellent Perry Miniatures and their plastic War of the Roses range in 28mm.

A sample.

100+ English archers served on a plate.