Thursday, April 5, 2018

Building Sci Fi Terrain in 28mm


For awhile we felt the need of getting more sci fi terrain built, to use with any of the many Sci Fi settings. There are many out there like Necromunda, Shadow War, Inquisitor28 and 40K (all from Games Workshop) but also for Star Wars (with Star Wars Legion of FFG now releasing many new miniatures) and other settings. Many skirmish games benefit from having ALOT of terrain on the table. It simply gets more fun than standing on one side each blasting eachother across an open field.

So last fall we started to look into our leftover pieces from earlier projects and also ordered some new stuff and in a building frenzy it was all put together and given a tabletop paintjob. This is still a WIP project with more details to be added but for now it works for gaming. Also, we will add more scatter terrain.

The main components are from Mantics plastic buildings,  old GW Necromunda plastic bulkheads, mdf from Micro Art Studios, Sarissa Precission and Wargaming Tournaments. Also, some plastic sheets, pringles tubes and other random stuff were used.

A key element was the 3mm thick mdf bases from Warbases. They were all cut to multiples of 11x11 cm square. So some bases where 33x11cm and others 22x22cm for example. By doing that they are easily put together and combined into different set ups.

Pictures can tell the story of construction better than anything that we could write up. And to be honest some of the construction was a bit random so it is difficult to give a propper account of how a specific peice came to be. So below are pictures taken along the way that hopefully give an insight to how the terrain was made. All in different WIP stages of completion and all with some detailing yet to be added.

The Building Process in Pictures
Games Workshop, Mantic, Wargames Tournaments, Warbases etc

Sarissa Precission, Games Workshop, Warbases

Games Workshop, Mantic, Warbases
Mantic, Games Workshop, Warbases etc
Mantic, Games Workshop, Warbases etc

Mantic, Games Workshop, Warbases etc
Mantic etc
Games Workshop, Mantic, Pringles, Warbases
Sarissa Precission, Mantic, Warbases etc

Mantic, Warbases
Micro Art Studios, Warbases
Measurements in centimeters
A test set up

Trying out the palette
On a 6x4' board


  1. Handsome and atmospheric scenery, well done!

    1. Thank you! We wanted to have a bit more color than the often seen grey city landscape.

  2. Awesome results mate! I will borrow some of your ideas for sure

  3. Great looking scenery! I like how you can use it spaced out with roads, or cram it all together as needed for particular game types.

    1. Thanks! Yeah the bases gives great versatility, it's easy to make "blocks" with streets in between.

  4. How did I miss this! Superb terrain building with lots of different levels which would be great for those skirmish games.

    1. Thanks Pat! Yeah, they have proved to be great for all kinds of sci fi gaming. /Mattias