Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Napoleonic French Dragoon Brigade in 28mm

French dragoons in the cold Northern winter
A new year! Unfortunally we have not been able to update with the frequency as we would like. Moving to new places, a new baby, lots to do at work. You know how it is. And painting napoleonics takes alot of time, at least for some of us.
In a previous post we showed the finished 2nd dragoons and now we are happy to present the 7th dragoons to be brigaded with them - 54 figures in total (GdB and adc included).

The French Dragoon Brigade
But now we have a new problem! Andreas' love affair with the Waterloo project was all to short! His new mistress is called the 24th (Saxon!) Division in 1813. So we are pretty much back to where we started with our Napoleonic project, back to the 1813 campaign that is. The dragoons were not painted in vain though since at least 10 squadrons fought at Dennewitz. With the addition of one cuirassier squadron and minor adjustments the 2nd and 7th regiments can be altered to represent the 4th heavy cavalry division, who was commanded by GdD Defrance. The French infantry battalions will then represent the 32nd infantry division - problem solved!

So there might be some saxons in the pipeline, who knows? :-) But for now: French dragoons! Lots of them.