Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hundred Years' War - a New 28mm Project

Graham Turner's beautiful painting of the Battle of Castillon 1453.
You can see more of his fantastic work here.

As so often a new year inspires new projects.

With our singelbased skirmish medieval wargaming - in a Swedish setting - now being reasonable sized (at least for now!) the time is right for trying something else for awhile.

Not wanting to travel too far in time from that project however the choice fell on the final stages of the Hundred Years' War (i e around 1450), with among other things the battles of Formigny and Castillon.

The period and choice of theatre is due to many reasons. One being the aesthetics of the red cross of the English vs the white cross of the French. Another being the use of the longbow - a weapon not used in significant numbers in many other theaters of conflict (the War of the Roses being an obvious exception). Playing the late Hundred Years' Wars also enables us to use the fantastic plastic sets from the Perry brothers.

Also, this will be our first multi based endeavour. At least initially we plan to use the Hail Caesar rule set but others rules will probably be tried out as well along the way.

Early stages yet but hopefully we will soon be able to show you more.

First batch WIP.

More to come.


  1. Your archers look great! These are among the best Perry plastics in my opinion and it looks like you've plenty of them still to do.

  2. Looking great so far! I will follow this one with interest as THW is one of "those" periods for me.

  3. Isn´t it greate with new projects:)

    Very nice painted minis ! Looking forward to follow your project expecially ar you are going for multibased. Base size?

    Best regards Michael

    1. We have yet to decide for certain.
      Probably four infantry on 40x40mm (possibly with missile troops being three men on each base) and cavalry based in twos on 50x50mm.
      Sounds good? :-)

  4. Nice project and beautiful figures...

  5. Good choice on the 40x40mm - I can really recommend the ones Victrix make with nice slightly rounded corners. Many online stores carry them, Warlord et.c.

  6. Superb paint job and an impressive production line.
    Got my interest.