Monday, January 27, 2014

Building Timber Framed Houses in 28mm Scale - WIP

The dwelling house.
The barn.

When Perry Miniatures released their Medieval cottages some time ago the plan was to build them as "Skånelängor", a timber framed house typical of southern Sweden to be used in a Scanian War (1675-1679) project. Since then focus shifted to, among other things Napoleonics and the second world war.

A "Skånelänga" of present day Skåne/Scania.

With Micke at Dalauppror and Sören at Black Powder Games recently starting a Scanian War project it was enough inspiration for the Perry boxes to be taken from the shelves.

The Perry Medieval Cottage is a great kit. Using three Perry cottages to build two houses the proportions became more suitable for our projects. The aim is to have them quite generic to work both for the Leipzig campaign of 1813 aswell as the NWE theatre of 1944. And maybe even some Scanian War gaming.

One of the buildings is a dwelling house, with a chimney and a couple of windows added, the other is a barn, with a roof that has seen better days.

Hopefully they will get some paint soon.

After some spray paint, with a Perry 28mm miniature for scale.
Lift off roofs and doors that can open.


  1. Very inspiring! Really like that you've distinguished the roof of the barn a little, and the dimensions of the buildings make them look natural and periodically correct. Could see these being used for many conflicts, from TYW, NAP, GNW, The Scanian War and maybe even Bismarck's war on Denmark in the 1860ies. Look forward to seeing them painted up!

  2. Stunning work !

    Looking forward to see them finished and maybe even on a wargaming table...

    Best regards Michael

  3. A great project. Waiting to see the final look

  4. That's good usage of a good kit! I was thinking of modernising it a little for WW2 use by giving it a slate tiled roof instead.

  5. Thanks! Hopefully it won't be too long before they get painted.
    @Leif: I have a similar plan and have bought stripes of tiles from Warbases for alternative roofs. I'll finish these and a few other buildings before I'll get to that though...
    Regards, Mattias

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  7. I have already commented on the finished building post - but wanted to thank you for the work-in-progress images which I feel help to show how the building has developed. As I have said - the use of three Perry building to build two models really works.


    1. Thanks Tony! Yes, I appreciate WIPs myself on other blogs for a better understanding of how it was done. Not always so flattering as you might want try to cover up mistakes and flaws of the build with your paintjob but very informative nonetheless. :-)