Sunday, March 30, 2014

Timber Framed Houses in 28mm Scale - Painted

As posted earlier here we've build some timber framed houses using the Perry Medieval Cottage set as a starting point. They are now painted. Eventually some interior walls etc might be added but they are done for now.

The buildings are typical for the southern part of Sweden: Skåne or Scania. As you might have seen over at Dalauppror's blog they've already had their baptism of fire in a Scanian War skirmish of the late 17th century. They will however work just fine for many other regions and periods as well.

Scanian Timber Framed Buildings
The dwelling house
The barn
One of many windows - very fiddly to build!

Very basic interiors.

The Medieval Cottage from Perry Miniatures. Great kit!
Three of them were used to make our two buildings
- with added and removed windows, chimney etc.


  1. A lovely build Mattias !!!

    they realy added to our Scanian War setting, verry appreciated, I hope to see them and You at our games in the future:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. These are truly amazing conversions. I say no less, cause I've seen them LIVE, and they really impress. The details and coloring are A+. Thanks for letting us borrow them for the Donnybrook game!

  3. Some very skilled modelling and painting there Mattias. I've seen them live and they really are amazing.

  4. Thanks alot guys! Much appreciated. /Mattias

  5. Superb conversion work and painting. 10/10