Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Timber Framed Building WIPs - and a mini-review of Najewitz Modellbau

Various WIP timbered buildings.
More timber framed buidlings being build

The building of timber framed buildings in 28mm for mainly Napoleonics and WW2 continues.

After finishing some Perry Miniature buildings it is now time for some other manufacturers: Grand Manner's Napoleonic Europe Range, Najewitz Modellbau's range "1813" and yet another Perry Miniature medieveal cottage but this time with a roof made of tiling sheets from Warbases.

Grand Manner's Gatehouse WIP.
Grand Manner's Pigsty WIP.

Perry Medieval Cottage WIP with added window, roof tile stripes from Warbases
and a scratch build chimney.

Najewitz Modellbau's Timbered House WIP with modified chimney
and added boards on the roof's edges.
Najewitz Modellbau

Najewitz Modellbau was a new acquaintance. It is a rather small company from Germany. They produce resin buildings for mainly 28mm and 1/72 scale. In 28mm they have four ranges: WW2 ("Normandy"), Napoleonics ("1813"), Middle Eastern/Northern Africa and the Ancient World.

Having seen pictures online they appeared to have nice detail and also be rather large, the latter not that common on the wargaming market. We were not disapointed!

Having ordered some "1813" and "Normandy" buildings they arrived speedily and in good condition. A resin door for one of the houses had a chipped corner but nothing that could't easily be fixed. The first build was the Timbered House 28mm from the 1813 range.

The quality and depth of the resin casting is excellent. Only some small airbubbles on the roof tiles and a wall section that needed some minor hot water treatment to be perfectly straight. The walls have nice texture that surely will be a joy to paint.

Each building is build by putting wall and roof sections together with the insides being "blank" as per usual with resin buildings. You can assemble the buildings with lift off roofs. They come without interior floors but those are added easily enough. Best of all - appart from the mentioned quality and depth of the casting - is the sheer size of the buidlings. These buildings really have a presense on the gaming table. In that regard they compare with some of the large houses from Grand Manner but to a lower cost (around 30 Euros i.e. 25 GBP a piece). Granted, the Grand Manner buildings come asembled and with loads of extra detail - including interior detail - and with even better texture on the walls but the Najewitz Modellbau buildings do offer a laudable alternative. 

All in all we are very pleased with them and would happily recommend them.

The Najewitz building's sections.

Nice detail and depth.
Interior showing added floors and the lift off roof.

More to come eventually...


  1. Greate rewiev Mattias !

    The Najewitz Modellbau building you showed med was very impressive and good looking, it will be a teat to see them painted up.

    Best regards Michael

  2. The Najewitzs house certainly gives the impression of a quality product, and at that price I could easily see it as adding some affordable variation to ones Grandmanner collection. Thanks for the link, it's been bookmarked! I second Michael, shall be interesting to see the details really pop when it's been painted.

  3. Thanks for the review! Lots of lovely buildings there. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with them – with your track-record I'm sure it will be spectacular.

  4. Hi Mattias, thinking that your excellent terrain and painting work deserves all the attention it can get, I've put up your blog for the Liebster Award, basically recommending it to other readers. More info here:

    1. Thank you Sören! Very much appreciated!