Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yet another Liebster nominee



Sören, over at Black Powder Games, very kindly nominated this blog for the Liebster Award. Admittedly I'm quite hesitant when it comes to these chain letter kind of things. But considering that there are many noteworthy blogs out there that deserves some attention I'll bite. This time. :-)

As Sören stated "the idea of the Liebster Award is to raise awareness of new or smaller blogs with fewer than 200 followers, using the link between bloggers and readers alike. As a nominee, you’re expected to answer a few questions about yourself, your blog and hobby, and naturally give credit to the blog nominating you as well as putting forward your own candidates of good blogs for nomination, offering thus a chance for readers to discover new blogs."

The "rules" are as follows
1) Copy paste the award on your blog linking to the blogger who has given it to you.
2) Pass the award to your top 11 blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment in one of their posts to notify them that they are nominated.
3) List the nominees on your own blog as well.
4) Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feelingthat comes with knowing that you’ve made someone’s day!
      5) There is no obligation to pass this onto someone else, but it’s good old Gandhi karma if you do so.

About this blog

1: Why did you start blogging?
After many (many!) years of GW gaming our group of gamers got in to historical wargaming and this seemed like a good way of recording our progress (or lack there of). It is me, Mattias, who run and write this blog but it is really a collaborative effort as my friends - Jocke being a usual suspect - contribute from time to time. Also, we still play Warhammer, some of us very much so, but that is really not a part of this blog more than sporadically. 
2: If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?
More time for more projects? :-) To be honest I'm quite content. With real life commitments of family, work, friends etc wargaming will always come second (at best) and that is fine. One thing though - I wish it was easier to find rubberized horsehair in Sweden. An odd request I know.
3: Do you read Battle Reports and what makes them inviting to read?
I do! I enjoy them very much as they are where all wargaming efforts come together with miniatures, terrain and rules together with friends. For me personally when reading them it is mostly about the visual impact. A good historical background is nice and an entertaining and inspiring write up is always a bonus.
4: Is figure painting a chore or pleasure?
Both. It is quite a relaxing pleasure but at times it is a chore to get a particular project done. Still, if its not fun than it is hardly worth doing as this is a voluntary hobby that is competing with everything else for your time. Also, I've recently discovered that I prefer building terrain to paint miniatures. A bit of a problem really as you can play with miniatures on a piece of cloth on a table but with no miniatures you can't play no matter how beautiful and extensive terrain collection you've got. :-)
5: Napoleon once was quoted as saying he preferred a general who was lucky over skilled. In gaming, are you lucky or skilled?
Most of us find it difficult to find alot of time for historical wargaming so when we play it is more down to luck than skill I guess.
6: Could you limit your gaming and collection to one period and one size? If so, what?
To go with 28mm is easier than picking the one period. We've played mostly medieval and Napoleonic and both have their merits.
7: How do you deal with burn out?
I don't. :-) If not inspired I leave it be. Inspiration will always return sooner or later and then it's back into the saddle. I guess that is why I'm a somewhat sporadic gamer.
8: If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on,
which one would it be?

Perry Miniatures. Fantastic sculptors and many really good ranges to pick from.

The nominated blogs

There are many really nice blogs out there and it is quite impossible to select the "best". Here are, however, some of the ones that I find very worth a visit, in no particular order.

War in Black and White

A blog focused on the second world war with simply wonderful terrain for skirmishing. What every wargamer dreams of. Entertaining AARs as well.

Blenheim to Berlin
A blog of wargaming the period from 1704 to 1945 featuring some very impressive set ups and  AARs of various periods. A great blog!

Tactical Miniatures Gaming Practice
A blog of many things and quiet of late. It has, however, some very good and entertaining AARs of the Napoleonic skirmish gaming including TFLs' Sharp Practice and Ganesha's Song of Drums and Shakos.

A blog of mainly 20mm WW2 gaming. In German but with pictures that speaks for themselves. Beautiful painting and fantastic terrain. And there is a "Translate" button. :-)

"Serres les Rangs!"
A blog of big table 28mm Napoleonic gaming. Some really nice AARs.

Last Stand Dan
A blog of some really good skirmish action in 28mm. Both Napoleonic and Colonial. All very well presented and entertaining AARs.

Situation Room
A blog of "using 10mm figs in huge units on a huge table". And he is not kidding. Simply epic AARs!

Jay's Wargaming Madness
Mostly 28mm French and Indian and WW2 skirmish gaming om beautiful tables. Great AARs.

A Conflict of Interests
A blog from Sweden with some very beautiful painting and great AARs. Of late a very nice Dark Ages project in 28mm. I'm also very much looking forward to follow his Italian Wars project that are just about to take off.

Geschichte in Miniaturen
Lastly not a blog per see but a project that I followed the updates of for some time. A diorama project on the Leipzig campaign in 1813 in 20mm focusing on three battles Cröbern ‒ Möckern ‒ Auenhain. Have a look in the galleries under each Battle and be ready to be blown away by the sheer scale of it all. A fantastic way of getting an idea what Napoleonic formations really looked like on the field of battle. Try here for instance.

End note

It also seems like a good opportunity to thank all fellow bloggers, readers and followers out there. It is really inspiring to get your comments and to follow your own projects. That has given an extra dimension to the wargaming hobby. Thank you!


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! Last Stand Dan

  2. Thanks for some really cool blog suggestions, added a few to my following list! Also, it was interesting to read a little about the man behind the blog and some of the best custom build terrain I've seen around!

  3. Congratulations on the nominations and thanks for nominating me in turn!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, with the truly excellent terrain posts as the icing on the cake. Keep it up!

  4. Well deserved!!! Just want you to update a bit more often Mattias ;)

    Best regards Michael