Wednesday, January 30, 2019

AAR: Legends of the Outer Rim - a Star Wars Skirmish

Using GW's Legend of the Old West for Star Wars skirmish gaming


With the release of Star Wars Legion nice stormtroopers in 28(+)mm has become readily available. Not really keen on the full scale battle format of SW:Legion the stormtroopers gave birth to the idea of some Star Wars skirmish gaming.

Finding varied rebel miniatures were more of a challenge but came from alot of places, and took some converting to get right.

For along time we have thought that the the now out of print Games Workshop Historical publication of Legends of the Old West (LotOW) would be great for Star Wars. After all, many locations and scenes from the movies look like something out of a Western movie, if with a twist.

In most cases we simply use stats from LotOW and call it something else. So instead of for instance a cowboy with sixshooter there will be a rebel with a blaster. Simple.

For our game we set the scene to the planet Akiva in the Outer Rim, a couple of years before the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Deathstar. A rebel cell is trying to make life misserable for the Imperial forces garrisoned on the planet.

We used the Prison Break scenario from the LotOW rulebook but made it into that the rebel spies had to break into a vault and steal plans to a power station. To win they had to get to the guarded vault, get the plans and get them off the table. All as Imperial patrols might arrive on the scene.

The opposing forces

The Imperial Stormtroopers

The Rebels
The Table


The Game

The rebels went for a quick attack and managed to get rid of the guards at the vault without too many losses, although losing their heavy fire support early on was a tought blow. With the rebel leader climbing up to the vault and having trouble with the lock the situation got worse as more stormtroopers arrived. In the end it was a desperate struggle for the rebels to get away with the plans and several fell into the hands of the Imperium.

It was a very fun and quick game that still required some tactical thinking. There will be more of this eventually I'm sure. 

The stormtroopers guarding the vault.
The rebels prepare themselves.
The rebels' heavy firesupport get into position.
The rebels open fire...
...and rush across the street.
"Never tell me the odds!"
The rebel leader takes his group across the open street.
The stormtroopers fires on the charging
rebels but with limited effect.
Meanwhile the Chiss rebel brave the stormtroopers...
...and manages to outflank them.
Firefight in the cramped alleys.
Having cleared the vault of stormtroopers the rebel leader manages to break
in and take the plans, while dodging shots from the Imperial reinforcements.
The rebels try to hold off the stromtroopers.
With the plans the rebel leader tries to escape,
as his companions get killed or captured.
Two out of six rebels escape.
But the planes are secured for the Rebellion.


  1. Looks like a great game! Where are the rebel figures from? Looks like one from Lead Adventure with a Mon Cal head, and then the rest are from Infinity?

    Legends of the old west uses a modified Lord of the Rings ruleset?

  2. Thanks!
    Great eye spoting the Lead Adventure conversion. To be honest I don’t remember where I got the rest. I Googled alot, looking for 32mm miniatures and ordered from different places. But I dont think any of them are for Infinity. One is a SW Legion Rebel with a new head. The yellow rebel is an elf that used to have a bow.
    Legends of the Old West is indeed similar to the Lord of the Rings using priority rolls each turn and give the posibility for leaders to use Heroic Actions.