Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Napoleonic French en Masse

In 1813, early in the autumn campaign that peaked at Leipzig, the Swedish of the allied Northern Army clashed with the French at some occasions, like at Dessau/Roslau late September 1813.

One of the French regiments involved in those actions were the 156th Line Regiment. They were part of Brigade Gruyer in the 13th Infantry Division. This represents the first battalion of that regiment.

It's a first step of ours towards non-skirmish Napoleonic action and our most southern member (still a Northern Wargamer!) is to blame.

Alarmingly the French have already started to scout the allied lines... An after action report is soon to follow!

1st Battalion, 156th Line Regiment


  1. Stunning work !!!

    Very nice commanders Base, like the oss shape of it.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Lovely job. Your command stand is brilliant.

  3. Beautiful painting job. I like specially the eagle-bearer and his helmet

  4. Great work, beautiful troops!!