Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tents and Pavilions in 28mm scale

What could be more appropriate for a blog post during summer than a post about tents and camping. :-)

Most of Sweden have had wonderful summer weather for the last month. With such weather hobby time is sparse. Some progress can be reported however with a camp of pavilions and tents in 28mm scale being finished. Our pavilions are the Large Medieval Jousting Tents in resin from Magister Militum. The smaller tents are in plastic from Renedra.

As anyone who has lived in - or even visited - a medieval or renaissance reenactment camp will know a medieval camp has a lot of ropes in it, keeping the pavilions in place. The return to your pavilion at night can become quite a challenge.. To illustrate this linnen thread were added to the models. All of the tents were mounted on mdf bases from Warbases.

The camp.
The Pavilions.

The Tents.
Pavilions WIP with greenstuff added.


Linnen thread being added to small holes drilled into the tents,
later fastened to brassrod pins at the base.

Nice working conditions up north with looong, beautiful summer evenings.


  1. Greate work!!! Love the ropes as I just know exactly how it is:)

  2. Awesome looking tents! I've just finished the Renedra ones myself, but those MM pavilions are nice. Was the greenstuff to fix up up poorly cast pieces or to customise them? I really need some of these for Indostan.


    1. Thanks! The cast are far from perfect with quite a few imperfections. That said most of them were left unattended and the majority of the GS were used to create some variation between the pavilions.

  3. Those are Super Nice Tents! Very well done Sir! Grey in USA