Friday, July 10, 2015

WW2 Log Entrenchments in 28mm with a Tutorial


With more miniatures done for second world war wargaming we need some other additions aswell, including entrechments or MG nests. In Chain of Command you can "buy" entrechments as support and one entrenchment should be able to hold a team while two of them should be enough for a squad or section (i.e. about five or ten men respectively).

As much of our WW2 gaming center around forrested areas on the Eastern front or along the West Wall, like Hurtgenwald, log entrechments seemed like a good choice. Very easy to make they are too.

1. Twigs from the garden made into a wall using wood glue.
2. A build up in front made from cardboard or similiar material.
3. Cover the front with filler or any other cheap, rough material. For extra detail add a few small pebbles into the filler.
4. Paint it all in your base colour, for us a dark brown.
5. Drybrush with lighter colours. We made the logs lighter than the surrounding "earth" for more of a visual impact.
6. Add flock and other vegitation that goes together with your wargaming table.

Twigs and cardboard.

A layer of filler.

All done, with some 28mm Americans to show the size.

Plenty of space.

The real thing.


  1. You're a true master of terrain! I would have never thought of using the cardboard pieces in that terrace-like structure to support the filler. Brilliant tutorial!

  2. They look great and match in well with your terrain board. I made my trenches with the backs built up as well but these look much better, so I will have to remake I think.
    Great paint job on the Yanks as well.

  3. Excellent work and great tutorial!

  4. Exellent tutorial, they look greate !

    Best regards Michael

  5. Thanks guys! We tried them out recently. Hope to have an AAR up before long.
    @Pat: I thought about building up the back on the dug-out aswell but decided against it. Both versions has it merits though.
    If I make more dug-outs I will make them smaller. I'm now thinking that a dug-out only have to hold about three men with any additional men being placed behind it if needed. Also you could then have two dug-outs as one "Chain of command entrechment" and maybe four modelled dug-outs for a whole section/squad.

  6. Good one. I will try them myself!