Saturday, September 26, 2015

AAR: The Napoleonic French takes to the Field

With Andreas' Napoleonic French collection growing fast it was time to test them on the field of battle.

Visiting old gaming buddies in Scania, the southern parts of Sweden, was the perfect opportunity. The rules used were General de Brigade. The scenario had the French defend a hill and the Prussians had to break all close order infantry within ten turns. 

The French were hard pressed on their right with a line battalion becoming dispersed. But the newly painted 2nd dragoons, also on that flank, did take some preasure off. They managed to chase two squadrons of Prussian hussars off the table as the latter tried to evade the dragoon's charge. The French left did really well standing up to the Prussian advance. The center including the foot artillery gave the Prussians a real pounding. The Prussians conceded the battle after losing two battalions and not being able to dislodge the French from their positions on the battlefield. The French were victorious!

The French 1st Battalion, 1st Light Regiment advance in line...
...with the 3rd Battalion, 1st Light Regiment in support.
Overview of the French left.
The French foot battery in the center.
The French 2nd Dragoons try to stabilise the French right.
French skirmishers try to slow down the Prussian advance.
Battle is joined.
French dragoons fails to break a Prussian square.
The Prussian advance had stalled however and victory was in the end with the French!


  1. lovely looking game and units/figures - I also like the flocking of the bases - Marvelous!

  2. Stunning looking troops! I agree with Phil, the bases are awesome!

  3. These French units are just great...except for breaking Prussian squares! Splendid!

  4. I love the look and feel of those large units - Andreas is fielding them in the real spirit of the Napoleonics age, putting my meagre 12 fig-units to shame. We should arrange a game in Stockholm at some point, when your calendar allows for it!

  5. Great pictures and inspirational report.Love your paintjob!