Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's Blood Bowl, baby!

The Badland Bashers - an Orc Team for Blood Bowl

The Badland Bashers
First row: Blitzers
Second row: Black Orcs
Third row: Linemen
Fourth row: Troll, Goblin and Throwers

Back in 1994 Games Workshop released the 3rd edition of its fantasy football boardgame; Blood Bowl. Simply put its a boardgame of American Football in a Warhammer Fantasy setting. We dived right in and enjoyed it immensely. We had a league running literally for years.

And now its back in its 4th edition! Happy days. Its simply a fun, great game. It plays fast but demands tactical thinking and all doesn't always go to plan. With the new edition and new miniatures it felt like the perfect opportunity to start playing it again. What's even better is that friends that didn't continue with miniature gaming through all these years are now back painting their first miniatures in 20 or so years.

So this team is The Badland Bashers. An Orc team with the full potential line up of sixteen players. Its mainly build from the starter box. The now released plastic twelve man teams from Games Workshop are made up of two identical six man sprues. So if not modified you will end up with doubbles of each miniatue. Not a big problem really - as they are really nice miniatures - but sometimes you might want more variety. Also, wanting four Blitzers and four Black Orcs on the team demanded some additions and adjustments.

The Black Orcs were mainly made out of what is nowadays called Orc 'Ardboys bodies using Space Ork heads. The Blitzers are identified through their horned and covered heads, also made from Orc 'Ardboy bits. These additions freed some bits to be used elsewhere on the team (for instance one of the Throwers is using what is supposed to be a Blitzer head). With some further cutting and repositioning identical doubles on the team were avoided.

WIP picture of the whole team, clearly
showing the non Starter Box bits in grey plastic.

Some of the Black Orcs.
Black Orcs made from 'Ardboy bodies and Ork heads,
with a few bits from the Starter box thrown in.

Blitzer, Thrower and Blizter.


Note that the Blitzer to the left is made from a Thrower body.
And that the Blitzer to the right is using a Thrower left arm.

Lineman, Thrower and Blitzer.

Note that the Thrower in the middle is made froma Lineman body,
with a Starter Box Blitzer head and a Thrower arm.
A troll from Black Scorpion Miniatures and a slightly
modified Goblin from Games Workshop's 40k range.

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