Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WW2 28mm Soviets in Snowsuits

Time for some winter themed forces for WW2, beginning with a group of Soviets in snowsuits.

They are 28mm Soviet Veteran Squad in Snowsuits from Warlord Games. Really nice miniatures. They hardly require any preparation and also got painted pretty quick as they are covered by their snowsuits.

The snowsuits are in a dirty and damp "white" that gives really strong flashbacks to doing national service in the Swedish armed forces... Those suits were simply never in a clean white. ­čśÇ

The snowsuits are painted using the following method.
1. Black undercoat.
2. Vallejo deck tan.
3. Army Painter soft tone ink.
4. Vallejo deck tan. First a thinner layer then a thicker one. 
5. Mix in some Vallejo ivory in the deck tan for highlights. 
6. Vallejo ivory on it's own.