Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Log House

We got a question regarding the log house in the recent AAR here

This is one of many new buildings to come. The idea is to make generic log houses that can be used for a number of different periods and settings. Also, log houses have historically been quite common in Sweden, being a forest dominated country, so they seemed like an obvious place to start when we decided to update our scenery.

Its based on the Pegasus hobbies 1/72 scale WW2 "Russian Log Houses" found here. An excellent kit with detailed hard plastic walls.

To make it a bit more "Scandinavian" and from an earlier date we changed the angle of the roof and removed almost all windows. The windows were removed with green stuff and a singe small airvent was cut in one of the walls.  We also put a turf roof on. The result is satisfying and production was simple enough for more to come.

Here is a WIP picture that shows the changes made to the basic structure and the removed windows. With a 28mm miniature for scale.


  1. Excellent dwelling you have made there.

  2. Looks very good, I will defenetly give these houses a new chanes;)

    best regards dalauppror

  3. Hey, that looks great. I'm really digging that rustic Swedish look.

  4. Thanks all! We thought it worthwile to make them look more "rustic Swedish". I'll guess they'll pass for many periods - from medieval times up to modern.

  5. Did you use static grass for the sod-roof, or a grass mat of some sort?

    That is a brilliant mod!

    1. Thanks alot!
      Its more of a grass "mesh". Its called Heki wild grass. We used product nr 1575.

      As seen here: