Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More log houses WIP

After the first new log house production is now on for more.

The next batch of three are still WIP.

The picture is of low quality but it gives a good idea of the building process (and of a somewhat unorganized working area...)

First, the picture shows the recut angle of the roof for the large log house. Next step is to close the windows using plastic sheets from the inside. A small bit of plastic is put into the hole to reduce the amount of green stuff needed in the following step. The rough openings are filled with green stuff (well grey stuff this time) and given a log texture. New small airvents are drilled and filed into a rectangular shape (some are yet to be added in this picture). Finally the house is based on a plastic card and given a base coat of gray spray paint.

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  1. Looks very nice !

    got to get me some of those houses...

    Best regards dalauppror