Thursday, March 22, 2012

Log houses and fences

Here are some pictures of the houses and fences for 28mm miniatures we used in the last AAR. Most of it was made for the occation but all will be used frequently from now on.

The houses are based on the plastic 1/56 scale Russian Log Houses from Pegasus Hobbies and the fences were made out of chopped up plastic worm fences from Renedra. WIP pictures of the buildings can be seen here.

Sweden, being a heavily forested country, have historically relied on wood as the main building material. The most common house type was the cross joint log house – houses built with horizontally laid logs, interlocked in the corners. Roofing materials varied, sometimes depending on if the building was a dwelling house or not. 

Another very common feature of the rural areas were wodden round pole fences. It became heavily used from the Middle Ages on (to a large extent replacing the earlier pleated fences) and was made from young spruce trees or the top of spruce trees.

And finally a picture of the real thing from Skansen, an open air historical museum in Stockholm, Sweden.


  1. Looking very good !!!

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Looking great!
    Where did you get the trees from ?

  3. Thanks alot! Much appreciated.
    The trees are spruce trees from