Monday, April 30, 2012

Napoleonic French Légère

Finally finished some French Légère, now based and ready for a game of Song of Drums and Shakos.
From left to right: carabinier, chasseur, drummer, chasseur, officer, NCO and two voltiguers. 400 points in total. The miniatures are all 28mm Perry Metals with only minor modifications. The bases are 25mm and from


  1. Looking good !!!

    But please don´t loose focus on your 15th century project;)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Great looking miniatures. Post some aar later on.

  3. Thanks alot!
    An SDS battle report is to follow as soon as we find time to get together for a game. Looking forward to it!
    And the 15th century project is sure to get an extra boost as soon as the boxes of Men at Arms arrive! I’m really looking forward to have some knights paying those peasants an unwelcome visit. :-)