Tuesday, January 17, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action Point Defence - the Baltics 1944

An After Action Report


Time for a short report from a recent Bolt Action game. It was played using the second edition of the Bolt Action rule set, with the Point Defence scenario and 1 600 points per side.

Reinforced Platoon, Veterans 2 man Command, 1st Lieutenant
Sturmpionere w LMG and flamer
2 x 8 man Squads, 2 SMG, 2 LMG, 2 PzF
2 x 6 man Squads, 2 SMG, 3 AR, 2 PzF

Panther Ausf D
Leig18 Team
Medium Machine Gun Team
Panzerschreck Team
Sniper Team
Medium Mortar Team

Armoured platoon, Regulars
3 x T34/76
2 x 6 man Tankrider Squads, 1 LMG

Reinforced platoon, Regulars
2 man Command, 1st Lieutenant
3 x 9 man Squads, 1 SMG, 1 LMG
1 x 9 man Squad, 1 SMG
1 x Free Rifle Squad
Medium Mortar Team

AT-rifle Team


A short recap
The Soviets were trying to crush the Germans in the Baltics in autum 1944. The Soviet attack got off to a rather slow start due to bad weather conditions - and maybe that vodka delivery had something to do with it too...
In the third round the Soviets got up to speed. But their luck didn't last and the German counter was devastating. Despite lacking any serious panzer support the Germans knocked out three T34:s with
panzerschreck och panzerfausts, and the fourth and final T34 was handled by an old Panther Ausf D. True to form the Soviets still carried on with their attack. In the end though the Soviets had to abort their attempt, leaving the Germans in control of the field. For now.  
What follows is not a blow by blow acount at all but rather some pictures from the game to give you a feel of the action. Enjoy! :-)



  1. Wonderful pictures, a bloody and intense looking game!

  2. Exellent AAR and Pictures. So very nice to see that you are back blogging !

  3. Thanks for the pictures and the quick report.