Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy 2017 - with a few tanks!

2017 - A New Hope

The blog has been awfully quiet the last six months or so. We intend to make a comeback to blogging now with the new year.

The silence of the blog depends on the usual real world issues: work and family. Not in an alarming sence but in that other matters than the blog have been a priority. But eventhough the blog has been quiet we have had some hobby time, some of us more than others. Especially Andreas has been working on his many WW2 painting projects with great results.

Looking back 2016 was a quiet year on the blog but still a nice hobby year for us with some great games being played and us working on many different (too many maybe?) projects. It will be interesting to see what 2017 will bring for us. To our surprice some non-historical wargaming made a return in late 2016. In part that was a result of Games Workshop re-releasing Blood Bowl, a fantasy football game, which is simply such a great game that it demands our attention. Not to worry though as historical wargaming will continue to be the main focus of this blog.

And as nothing says happy new year as a few tanks, here you go. :-) These are plastic T34/76s from Warlord Games recently painted by Andreas.

And the last picture is from the last game of the year, a few days before new years eve - wishing for many good games in 2017.


  1. I love the t-34's ~ how did he do them is it a {brown} wash over the green or some grime or dirt product?? i would love to know

    1. Thanks alot! They were airbrushed with AK interactive 4BO modulation set, then given oil filters by brushing on oil paint from Windsor Newton in thin layers with a lightly damped brush. Preferably the "earthy" tones like burned sienna, raw umber and some yellow ochre were used. /Andreas